Nicole Miller Luggage Review


In our Nicole Miller luggage review today, we are covering the sensational product: the Taylor set. The Nicole Miller Taylor Set is a set of three travel spinner luggage and a box bag. As a brand, Nicole Miller is internationally loved and trusted. This set delivers on the brand promise that they stand for.

The set includes four items. We will go over the details and the specs in the next section.

Nicole Miller Taylor Set: Details and specs

Let’s go over the four items we have here.

  • a 28-inches expandable spinner;
  • a 24-inches expandable spinner;
  • a 20-inches expandable spinner, and
  • a box bag.

nicole miller luggage review

The spinners are carry-ons. They are Softside. These carry-ons are made of cotton canvas. This material is really good for traveling as it decreases the weight to a large extent. Coming from a great brand like Nicole Miller, the fabric is very high quality.

The carry-ons have a full zipper. There are two zippers on the outside and two in the interiors, making it much easier to keep all your important stuff. Managing and organizing documents is also easy — that is something we enjoy a lot. The different bags are nesting. Meaning that they can easily fit inside each other. Portability of the set itself, in this sense, is very high.

There were a few small problems that must be covered if we are reviewing the product. First of all, the zippers don’t look all that high-quality. Although there has been no problem so far in our usage of about three to four weeks, we think that they might need some minor repairing or replacement anytime soon. Besides that, we didn’t encounter anything problematic.

How well does it fare?

With a 4.3-star rating out of 5 -stars on Amazon (and 73% of customers giving it a straight 5-stars rating) — this is a product worth investing in. The Nicole Miller Taylor set is really one of the best products in this price range as a travel gear. Right now, people are utilizing the 24% discount.

People also fall for the interior — totally premium and comfortable. The style statement is also very pronounced. These bags weigh very little and that is also something to love. This decreases the overall weight and keeps your luggage weight safely under the limit of most airlines.

In general, the set comes with positive reviews. We wanted to check the online reputation so we did an extensive test. And as we expected, the ratings don’t lie. Neither do the positive reviews.

Wrapping up our Nicole Miller luggage review

It’s a very high-quality product from Nicole Miller. People love it and the features are just stellar. You are essentially getting the best your bucks can buy when you invest in the Nicole Miller Taylor Set of 4.

Easily maneuverable, lightweight, and smooth-working wheels and zippers — the Taylor set is a great value for money product. The set’s carry-ons are expandable, meaning that they can fit in all of your important stuff. The box bag can be used for a lot of different utilities like keeping the stuff you will need on the go. We used it for a lot of stuff like small items and important paperwork.